New song, "Half Empty"!

    Hiya, folks.  New song out today, December 23rd, called "Half Empty".  It's a little bit somber and a little bit bright.  It about winter settling down upon us, but eventually yielding to the rebirth of spring. 

    Depending on where you…

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Been A While

It's the end of February.  Last time I put finger-to-key on this blog, my wife was two months pregnant, I was about release my debut album, and spring was sprung.  Here we today, are in the midst of a mostly…

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A Note to Self

Observe your breath.  Closely.  Don't pick up your phone, don't check the time. 

Observe your breath, closely.  The same as you watch the ocean's waves roll in and out.

Just noticing the differences, appreciating them for what they are.  The…

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Album on the way!

"The Truths Within The Moment" is dropping on Friday, June 7th, 2019.  I will be supporting the album release with various appearances around the New York town. 

Come see me play a solo acoustic set on Thursday March 7th, at…

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