Been A While

It's the end of February.  Last time I put finger-to-key on this blog, my wife was two months pregnant, I was about release my debut album, and spring was sprung.  Here we today, are in the midst of a mostly warm winter, ever more often hinting at the buds soon to bloom.  And I'm writing this as a father, to a beautiful little, smiling wonder.  Life is unbelievable. Merrily, merrily merrily...


What else is new? 


We're moving, for the first time in 6 years.  Row, row, row your boat. 

It's not the dream apartment, and it's not cheaper than our current apartment, but it's new, bright and right next to the park.  It will be our home for at least the next year, and like with any change, there's the sense of opportunity in the novelty, a window through which to reinvent your space - let's think minimalist-ly (fewer stacks of mail on the countertop).


My wife has had some exciting auditions in the last few weeks, and I think things hint at an abundant year ahead of us.  It wasn't easy for her having to take most of the last year off from acting, as she's a very motivated and action-oriented person.  It's so gratifying now to see her merging back into the flow of it all, and I think she's moving her way into the fast lane. Her signal is flashing, I can feel the vehicle in motion.  


My song "High Life" has made it to the semi-finals in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2019.  Very exciting.  I've played some fun shows lately, including my friend and very-talented-songwriter-musician, Dan Saulpaugh's 30th birthday party.  Ali Aslam kicked off the event with his first full-band show (Dan on guitar!), and they rocked.  Dan is an incredibly talented guitarist and really put together a fun night of celebration and fine, fine tunes.  There were too many good musicians in the room to list, and I was honored to be among them and get to play a few songs.

Speaking of songs, I have about forty new ones I'm excited about... give or take 5-6 that are like 85% done and who knows when the muse will get em finished...but, I'm in the process of recording rough demos.  I can only record while my wife is out AND my son is asleep.  Two conditions must be met.  It's slow work, but it's fun, and I'm looking forward to getting started on my follow-up album in the coming months. 

It's still winter, but cheers to the springtime, coming soon to a continent near you (if you're in the northern hemisphere of Earth).