A Note to Self

Observe your breath.  Closely.  Don't pick up your phone, don't check the time. 

Observe your breath, closely.  The same as you watch the ocean's waves roll in and out.

Just noticing the differences, appreciating them for what they are.  The gentle crashing hush, the peace and the beauty of a moment you've 

slowed down.

Observe your breath, like you'd watch the day-turn-to-night and the night-turn-to-day on a time-lapse video.  Tracking

The patterns of shifting stars

The gradient of color streaking through the sky as the sun pierces the horizon  

You know, details.

Threads in the blanket weave from the foreground into the background and back again, and we look at one side.

Watch your breath, closely. 

Off and on and off.   

Life enters, exits, enters.

Inhale <pause> exhale <pause> repeat <forever>